Manchester Fashion Week: Frowing' It with Sofia Douvari & Didi's Boutique

[Sofia Douvari]

[My favourite dress of the evening from Sofia Douvari]

[50's prom dress realness from DiDi's Boutique]

[Vintage throwback from Gin&Tonic]

[Sve Fashion - Gorgeous sheer overlay dress.]

[Sve Fashion]

I was privileged enough to attend the second day of Manchester Fashion Week held at the Halle St Peters and it was absolutely fantastic. The show started at 7 o'clock and Olivia (oliviaericaryanxo) were lead to our seats which were unexpectedly in the front row, and I can definitely see the appeal. There wasn't a raised catwalk so we were hardly thirty centimeters away from the models. It was absolutely fantastic.

There were around fifteen designers featured and the style of clothing varied so much from street fashion to evening wear to an entire collection made from natural resources meaning moss, grass, sticks - seriously natural. 

However, my favourite designers of the night had to be Sofia Douvari whose collection was made up of black satins, and metallic looks which were all absolutely gorgeous! I love black generally but sometimes the colour can be depressing, but all the dresses in the collection were elegant, feminine and classy - the epitome of the little black dress. Olivia and I even had the opportunity to talk to Sofia after the show who is such a lovely person, something that really added to the whole experience.

Vintage-esque looks are another style that I've really been loving and Gin & Tonic really made me happy. I know it seems weird to say a designer 'made me happy' but they really did. The collection payed homage to fashion throughout the ages and you could really see that, there were definitely elements of the show that reminded me of my latest obsession, Mad Men, whilst still remaining wearable today.

OMG Fashion was a brand I was already aware of, and one of the reasons I chose to attend the Saturday part of MCRFW and I was glad I did. The collection was very wearable and a good combination of daywear and evening wear whilst still being relevant.

I adore a good leather jacket and Boda Skins successfully provided numerous leather jackets of a variety of styles and colours. Ranging from standard black leather jackets to powder blue adorable ones - I want them all. However, my only qualm was that some of the jackets looked slightly too similar to the Burberry Prosum leather motorcycle jacket, but other than that, its definitely a designer to watch, especially if you're looking for a leather jacket.

SVE Fashion was one of the highlights of the evening and once again, it was jam packed full of stunning evening gowns. The gowns were glittery, elegant, feminine and unique which really separated it from your standard evening dress; not to mention the actual cuts of the dresses which were flattering and accentuated the models best features.