Angelic Hair: Halo Braids

Summer is fast approaching and so is the warm weather (finger crossed) and unfortunately, heat means humidity and humidity means sweat and well, you get my drift. Whilst the cold is fantastic for wearing hair down, summer not so much. When I lived in hot countries, my hair was rarely fully down as it was simply too hot; I would finish the day with my hair either sticking to the back of my neck or as a last resort, I'd use a pencil to help put it up in some sort of bun.

But recently I've been loving halo braids. They are so simple to do and perfect on either a hot day or one where your hair simply isn't cooperating (I experience this on a daily basis).

I was slightly worried that I wouldn't be able to style my hair into plaits as it is quite short, however I had to do it a little bit different to how many how-to videos suggested.

First off I split my hair in half, and plaited it and simply pinned the plait to the top of my head using bobby pins that more or less matched my hair colour and then did the same on the other side. I then sprayed my hair with V05 Texture Spray just to add a bit more texture to my hair.

It is really so simple to do and perfect for festivals as you can always just spray a bit of dry shampoo in your roots for a bit more volume.