London Photo Diary

I've been in London and I would just like to apologise to those of you that follow me on instagram as I did get a little bit snap happy! Unfortunately it was so hot that my hair became a frizzy mess so there were no outfit shots as such but there are a couple in here that illustrated my daily uniform (Topshop leigh jeans, basic tshirt and a black bag. Inventive.) But this trip to London wasn't a fashion show, we were exploring places we hadn't done before - hence the lack of classic tourist photos by big ben.

I don't like having my camera out the entire time in cities which is why there are only pictures (barr the first one of St Pauls) from Hampton Court Palace and Camden but I had so much fun that taking pictures wasn't actually my top priority! However, on my instagram @elliegdickinson there are more pictures including some from Covent Garden!

I got back on Sunday and am off to Paris on Friday but I promise there will be outfit pictures from there (honest!).
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