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As a self confessed nail polish addict, I take great pride in my hands and nails and honestly have a bit of a breakdown if a fresh manicure chips, smudges or goes horribly wrong. Due to this, I do try and take care of my hands to an almost neurotic level, meaning hourly hand lotion application, and perfect nails. As soon as my nails chip, I take off the polish and re do them completely.

This little affliction has meant that I've tried my fair few of nail and hand products and can now safely recommend what I view as the ultimate hand and nail care kit, stamped with the Ellie seal of approval.

For hand care and hand lotion, in my opinion, Soap&Glory are right at the top. I've been using their Hand Food for absolutely ages now but have recently become attached to Hand Dream Super Cream and at night before bed, the Endless Glove (which smells slightly odd but is absolutely divine). I tend to use the Hand Dream Super Cream on a more regular basis than Endless Glove which I only apply in the evenings as it has a bit more of a residue (imagine sticky fingers and an iPhone. Not a good combination!). But they are wonderful. They both work almost instantaneously and do what they say. Plus Soap&Glory packaging is super cute!

For nails, I tend to switch it up alot but my current favourite top and base coats are from Rimmel London. I use the Nail Nurse as a base and the Finishing Touch as a top simply because it's incredibly shiny and I have an affinity for shiny nails. And that magical third product is the Boujois Paris Instant Drying Drops. And it is magic. The product comes with a dropper and you drop it onto your nails and the nailpolish dries instantly. However, if you do have several coats on, it does take longer to dry but its still far quicker than having to wait the usual amount of time! I'm yet to discover this in a shop but for £5.99 from ASOS (don't forget the free delivery) it is worth it. I can't even describe the amount of time this has saved me, plus I don't get teased for flapping my hands about nearly half as much! The solution is oil based so it also moisturises the cuticles (isn't science amazing) and I hear from several sources that it's better than the more expensive Sally Hansen equivalent....

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