An English Rose Makeup Look

And as promised, the English Rose tutorial inspired by the lovely Eleanor Calder. Girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson, she is known for her subtle makeup - an almost no makeup makeup look which is what I've tried to achieve!

  1. I used Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation as my base as it gives a lovely dewy finish and means highlighter isn't as necessary! To get a more airbrushed finish, I used my real techniques buffing brush.
  2. Then I used my Barry M Define Brows palette to define my brows a bit more - but I only used the dark powder. Eleanor has dark brown hair so her brows are already quite dark!
  3. For blush, I used (once again) a pinky natural blush from NV Cosmetics in their Cheeky stick in Roseblush - I dabbed it and then blended with my blush brush.
  4. With bronzer, I opted for a softer look and used my powder brush to brush over the hollows from your cheekbones to give a bit of colour, but no harsh lines!
  5. And with eyeshadow, I used my Matte MUA palette. Covering my whole lid with a pale pink and then used the shade Truffle for the outer corner and waterline and then mascara in a brown black colour.
  6. The final step was a nudey pink lipgloss - I adore H&M Nude Dude.
Voila! A simple very subtle no makeup makeup look which I adore! It's so perfect for summer and just every day when you don't want a heavy eye or just need a bit to perk you up in the morning!

I'm in Paris at the moment so excuse the lack of internet presence - please let me know what you think in the comments!

Makeup used:

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