High Waisted Denim

Blazer: Primark | Jeans: ASOS Slim Mom Jeans | Shoes: Converse | T-shirt: H&M | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I must admit, I've always been slightly nervous about wearing high waisted jeans as they can look terrible on people that aren't a size 8 but these Mom jeans off ASOS are amazing and so flattering! They accentuate all the right places but aren't too clingy! 

To add a Parisian twist to the outfit, I paired it with my trusty Primark blazer which added a touch of class to the outfit. Once again the t-shirt is H&M and has pocket detailing! Due to the excessive amount of walking I had done the day before, I swapped to converse which are ideal for Paris as we walked all day! Ouch!

These Ray Ban aviators are my current favourites as they are unisex and add an almost androgynous twist to the outfit which I really like!

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