The Autumn Nail Edit

With the first half of September looming comes Autumn and the yellowing of the leaves on the trees outside my window are making this very clear regardless of the Met office's prediction that we may have a "hot" autumn.

And autumn is one of my favourite times of the year, particularly because of the nail polish colours that come with it. Think warm, jewel tones - think arabian nights.

One of last years favourites was Revlon's Vixen which was by far the shade that I was complimented on the most, and it's back again. Reminiscent of thick blackberry jam, I know it will be adorning my nails for most of the month. OPI Holiday Glow is another colour that I've been loving and is actually unlike anything I've worn before! It's definitely a brown shade but has gold flecks throughout and comes across as so gorgeous!

Rimmel Summer Orange may seem an odd choice due to it's name but the rich orange reminds me of the turning of the leaves at their peak state - and it's a beautiful colour! In the winter I like to wear it on my toes as my remaining summer tan is no more! Another Rimmel nail polish making the cut is Urban Purple which is a lovely purple on the blue spectrum. I'm wearing it as I write this and it's ideal for those transitional months. To complete the Rimmel part, I have the brown shade which I believe is called something like Beige Babe but I've used it so much that the colour has rubbed off! It's my solution for an autumnal nude option.

The latest nail polish addition to my collection is Barry M MNP17 which is a Matte nailpolish in a pinky red shade which is definitely one of my favourites and perfect for warmer days! Theres nothing better than brightening up an outfit with a great nail colour and the matte texture is perfect for transitional weather when you're starting to mix texture that little bit more. And finally, my mini OPI from their San Fransisco collection is similar to Rimmel's Urban Purple yet not as dark as Vixen.

What are some of your favourite colours for the cooler months?

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