DIY Photo Background

We all know those bloggers who seem to have floorboards or tables made of that wonderful shabby chic wood - white of course and perfectly worn to make their photos look incredible. But as a university student with mostly pine furniture, it's hard to get that same effect so I decided to get my DIY on.

The basic board is a chopping board that cost a grand sum of £2.50 from Ikea. Then using a chisel, I cut along it to make it look like it was made of floorboards and made sure the grooves were quite deep so the paint didn't fill it.

Then, with paint that cost a massive £1 from Wilkos, I painted the sides and the top of the board. I didn't worry about primer as the board had already been sealed so none of that was necessary. I used a high gloss paint as I was trying to mimic floorboards! I must admit, the paint took forever to dry (think two whole days). But when it was done, I took a bit of sandpaper to sand the edges and make it look wonderfully worn and slightly tatty.

And voila! You'll be able to see how I use it in my next post but I thought it made quite a good background and was just a bit more interesting than a plain boring white background. 

What do you think? Will you try something similar?

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