Return of the Hand & Body Creams

Theres something about autumn and winter that has my skin flaking and feeling like sandpaper - which is why I am the actual queen of hand creams, face lotions and body butters but today is all about the hands and face.

This may seem silly but there is nothing worse than shaking someones hand and finding that it is so coarse they've indadvertedly given your hand a scrub in the process. Not nice. And for this reason alone I find that I always carry hand cream - in fact, there is a tube in all of my handbags and that's alot!

One of my ultimate favourites for hand cream on the go is

Soap & Glory Hand Food

which absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a sticky residue - however, for really moisturising I reach for another one of their products,

Endless Glove

which is almost a hand mask. I tend to apply this every evening right before bed and my hands feel incredible.

Moving swiftly on, before you think I have a bit of a thing for hands... One of my typical intense thick face moisturiser has to be

Simple Rich Moisturiser

. I've got sensitive skin and Simple has never failed to impress - due to it being a "rich" moisturiser, this is also one I tend to whack on before bed as it's a bit too thick to be a day cream. On Sundays, I tend to reach for

ESPA Skin Radiance Moisturiser

* which actually smells like a spa - which is why it's perfect for the beginning of the week and leaves my skin all glowy. 

I'm not really a consistent body butter person unless I'm wearing fake tan (so rarely), but at the moment I'm head over heels for

Antipodes Jubilation Ultra Nourishing Hand & Body Cream

* which smells divine! Like most other Antipodes products, it has a natural, herbal scent to it which it's so invigorating and lovely. As someone who hates sweet smells, this is perfect for me! I do tend to use this as a hand cream and it remains in my on the go bag (which is the highest tier a hand cream can be). 

And feet. I'm not a foot person whatsoever but I hate the thought of having gross feet (if that makes sense?) so I reach for

Soap & Glory's Heel Genius

which has a gel like consistency; I tend to whack on and then pull on some cotton socks before bed. It does keep my feet soft and is ideal for a night after wearing heels! 






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