Lush Festive Treats

[Lord of Misrule, Golden Wonder, Cinders Bath Bomb, Christmas Eve and Father Christmas]

This is a moment I would like to take to point out how well my friends know me.

Last week my friends and I swapped gifts and as we're all weak when it comes to presents, we unwrapped them and one of the gifts was a set of festive Lush Bath Bombs. And as I love a Lush haul as much as the next person, I thought why not share!

Lush has always been a shop that I love going into but as I've never had a bath in the house, that has always been a bit of an issue. 

My favourite scent has to be Cinders as there's something really warming about the scent! It's a lovely orange colour and smells incredible! Lord of Misrule produces a wine colour and it's so lovely - so festive! I haven't tried the Father Christmas yet but I'm so excited to! These all smell incredible and I'm so excited to use the golden wonder (the one that looks like a present) as it rattles when you shake it so there seems to be something inside.

Have you tried any lush bath bombs before?

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