The Beauty-Berg Crisis

Photo credit: WhatOliviaDid

It's Christmas party season and with that comes endless makeup looks, nights of dancing and late nights. Unfortunately, that often means evening skincare routines are neglected as we try to get to bed as quick as possible, swapping a cleansing balm for a makeup wipe (can you hear Caroline Hirons screaming?). 

But unfortunately, although all the discarded makeup wipes (and cotton wool for those more diligent) have meant that there is effectively a buildup of beauty products which are clogging the pipes! Regardless of whether these products are labeled flushable, they're often not really! Alright, they might decay in a couple of months but because they are sturdier than toilet roll, they do sit and clog things up!

And believe me, the worst christmas present ever is a plumbing bill.

Here are some tips for making sure everything stays well:
  • Be a bedroom binner winner – when getting ready, have your bedroom bin handy for quickly disposing of cotton pads, buds or tanning wipes.
  • Don’t be fooled by flushable – even if your make-up wipes say ‘flushable’ they can and do still block pipes and sewers.
  • Avoid blocked pores AND blocked pipes – have your make-up removal wipes ready for when you get back in so you can wipe, bin and sleep. You’ll avoid blocked pores, ‘panda eyes’ and waking up to festive flushing fiascos.
So instead of rushing your makeup removal, keep a cleansing oil or balm on the side, ready for the evening - preparation saves time! Or if this is really still alot to ask, just bin the wipe instead of flushing it!

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