What Ellie Loves: Coloristiq

I'm passionate about nail polish. Not so much with nail art but I love having painted nails and actively collect a wide variety of nail polish (Essie is my current favourite).  

So when Coloristiq contacted me about their new service, I was ecstatic!

Basically, Coloristiq is effectively a nail polish rental service which means that once you sign up, you get sent three bottles of nail polish a month which you get to use and then send back which is brilliant as you get to try new colours without having to buy them and considering a good nail polish is around £9 to buy, their fee of £9.99 a month for three bottles is brilliant!

They sent me over a little package of three which included Cashmere Bathrobe from Essie, Herringbone from OPI, and Ravishing Dahling from China Glaze and of course the colours are lovely!

To keep things fair, when you get sent your bottles, they recommend that you only use two coats on each nail, so that you don't use up too much of the nailpolish but as these are all good brands, two coats is plenty!

I'm already reaping the benefits as I would have never picked out Cashmere Bathrobe by myself but have discovered a new colour that I adore!

Is this something you're likely to try?

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