Snowy Spa Day with Holland and Barrett

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to a bloggers spa day at the Hale Country Club and Spa with Holland and Barrett for part of the publicity for their Weird & Wonderful range!

We were picked up from the city centre in the morning and driven to a snowy spa where we were greeted with a delicious berry smoothie. We were then taken to treatment rooms where we all had an incredible deep exfoliating back massage and a facial. I have never felt as relaxed as I did in that moment - I was so close to falling asleep but the potential embarrassment of that situation gave me the gusto to stay awake (but barely). My skin felt ridiculously soft when we came out and all I wanted to do was stay still and refuse to move ever again.

Body feeling like jelly, we moved onto the incredible thermal rooms and outside infinity pool where we sat for about an hour gossiping. It was glorious. There is something incredibly surreal looking out onto the surrounding snow covered fields. 

It was an unbelievably zen day and the delicious lunch of halloumi and tuna tempura sushi set hunger at bay as we indulged.

The day was unbelievable and a massive thank you to Holland and Barrett and everyone who organised the day!

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