The Second Day Hair Look

I love the way my hair looks when it's a bit messy, a bit wavy and has a bit of a texture to it - think bed head but


 more tame (only slightly). And the quest for getting that second day hair look right after I've blow dried my hair, I've tried my fair share of "texturising" sprays and I think I've found the ultimate combination to achieve my current everyday look. Partially due to my face shape, I believe I never suit standard straight hair and my fringe definitely gives me the opportunity to make things a bit more interesting with my hair, particularly the tousled look.

Hairspray is a thing I


 use regardless of whether my hair is curled or not as I loathe the crunchy feeling most hairsprays leave. So when the

KMS California Hair Play Dry Wax

landed in my post box, I was sceptical but alas, it's claim to give me "2nd day texture" lured me in. But it's lovely. I've never tried anything like it and it literally just gives my hair texture but with a bit of hold. Many texturising sprays lack the hold and look good in front of your mirror but as soon as you leave the house, your hair goes limp. the Dry Wax spray gives me the perfect tousled look


 holds my fringe in place.

The Oribe Dry Texturising spray is almost reaching cult status but the price always puts me off. However, when Ms

Amelia Liana

 recommended the

Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray

 as a drugstore dupe, I was running for the shelves. And I love it! It definitely makes my hair feel like it has product in it unlike the KMS Dry Wax, but it also gives that really nice tousled look. However, as it makes my hair feel like it has product in it, I prefer it for the evening as I hate having heavy hair during the day! But the results are so good!

What's your typical hair style? Messy or pin straight?






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