The Weekend Pamper Evening

I firmly believe that everyone needs some time to themselves whether its to catch up on everything that's happened that week or sorting out life's little beauty bits (think shaving your legs or plucking your eyebrows) but one thing I always do weekly is have a bit of a skin pamper.

Your skin is definitely a window into your life and easily shows signs of stress or fatigue (as well as that bar of chocolate from two days ago) so giving it an extra boost is always a good idea!

Although spring is on the horizon (let's ignore the fact that it snowed on Monday) but my skin is still rather dry so I always go for skin masks that pump my skin full of moisture. Even if you have oily skin, please don't deprive your skin of moisture either!

Masks are funny things and I have two go to options depending on what I'm feeling like. I have my standard bi-weekly Origins Drink Up Intensive mask which I tend to use as a night moisturiser during winter but for a bit of fun and something different in my skin routine I love Montagne Jeunesse Masks which are everywhere and dirt cheap. Whilst these are cheap, they're also really lovely and come in a range of scents and textures. I personally like the fruity ones as opposed to the chocolate ones as it's really hard having things that smell edible on my face.

If my skin is ever in a bit of an oily frame of mind, clay masks are brilliant, especially the Red Clay Montagne Jeunesse one. I either whack it on my t-zone or dab it on spots as it brings everything to the surface and clears things up. These masks are brilliant for the ideal girly night and there is such variety that there is something for everyone! But be careful if you have sensitive skin or you could have a reaction to some of the stronger versions!

What is your ideal pamper night?

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