The Ultimate Summer Bases Edit

I'm not a foundation person, in fact I only started wearing it properly(ish) about six months ago, so it's not really my thing but I love BB creams, CC creams, DD creams, EE creams - any sort of light base, I love. Because imperfections aren't a big deal for me, the coverage isn't essential and all I'm concerned about is to have a relatively even skin tone. And these four products are my go to bases for evening out any redness and making me look slightly more put together than usual (also, who has time for a full face of foundation before university?) But the reality is, with summer creeping in, light bases are exactly what is wanted when it's warm outside.

One of my favourites from last summer was the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector for Sensitive Skin in Light. And I still love it. It gives a lovely dewy finish and evens out skin tone and gives a lovely finish. Garnier have brought out several new versions and they now have an oil free version, an all in one version and several other options which is great for all you ladies who might prefer a more matte version. However, it is quite pink toned but if I'm right, I believe since it was released, there are now some yellow toned versions! But this is a great option for a reasonably priced drugstore option.

A slightly more pricey option and less of a BB cream or tinted moisturiser is YSL La Teint Touche de Eclat which is a lovely dewy foundation that has really light coverage but leaves your skin lovely and glowy. It's quite a liquidy foundation so you don't need much but it's lovely all the same.

Then onto a brand spanking new product is bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream which I had the opportunity to try and it's so wonderful. It has surprisingly high coverage considering it's described as a tinted gel, but it feels so light on the skin and is my perfect summer base and one I'm going to be wearing a lot! What's nice is that it's really buildable so although it's quite light, it gives enough coverage for concealer to be quite minimal!

And finally, the lightest of the bunch is thisworks Perfect Look Skin Miracle which is definitely minimal coverage but adds a lovely colour to your skin, the kind of bronze where it looks like you've caught the sun, but not so bronze as you would have to worry about fake tanning! It definitely makes your skin look glowy (how many times can I use this word) but definitely adds a flawless finish to the skin and somewhat refines pores. If you do have any blemishes, I would recommend applying concealer after this because it is quite liquidy and because I apply it with fingers, it does tend to reduce the effect of the concealer. This is my current go to for every day university makeup - we're talking mascara, brows and skin. The basics.

What bases do you reach for in summer?

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