The City Break: Things to do in London

As a student with a taste for travel, one of the worst things in the world is having to do so on a budget. Budget? What's that? Somehow being tight with cash doesn't fit in with my instagram worthy plans...

But a brilliant way of having a cheap(ish) holiday is to visit a city in your country or near buy. Travel costs are inherently the biggest component of a trip so if you can cut back on those, then you're in for a winner! Here are my top tips:

  1. Youth hostels or airbnb. If it's just you and a friend, then youth hostels are the way to go but if there are four or more of your, an AirBnB flat may be cheaper as you can then cook your food. Probably better if you're there for longer than a weekend but if you're cutting back on eating out by having a kitchen, worth it. But for the weekend, Travelodge and Hostels are your friends.
  2. Book train tickets six weeks in advance. If you're in the UK, it's rarely cheaper to fly to a city that could be a train away. Most train companies release Advance tickets six weeks in advance which are therefore ultimately the cheapest.
  3. Think about travel. It may work out more cost effective to stay near the places you want to visit than to stay in the sticks and have to travel everywhere. Have a look at bus passes in the area and cost them compared to travel. If you can walk everywhere from somewhere than may be £10 more expensive, it could be worth it. PS travel in London is stupidly expensive...
  4. Book attractions online. There is no greater joy than prancing past queues of tourists, printed ticket in hand because I was organised. Plus, tickets are often cheaper online. Same applies with theatre shows, particularly with the English National Opera (ENO). La Boheme at ENO is on at the moment so it may be worth having a look online and booking in advance.
  5. Plan. Plan. Plan. You've paid all this money but if you're spending your time faffing about over where to go, you're wasting time! Get organised in advance and make sure you're seeing everything!
What do you think of some of my city break essentials?
Ellie Dickinson