Brightening Skin Makeup Solutions

You may have picked up on the fact that I love the illusion of bright dewy skin and I use the term illusion strongly as there is nothing natural about the way my cheekbones catch the light or how my brows look just so. It's with the help of some pretty



So let's shine a bit of light on the situation... (pun very much intended)

I've done quite the comprehensive post on strobing and some of my favourite highlighters so if it's the cheekbone glow you're after, have a look


 but now I'm about emphasising your face's natural glow.

One of my current favourites is using a nude or beige highlighter (or a colour that matches your skintone) to line your waterline to perk up your eyes and make you look far more awake than you actually might be. Perfect for Monday mornings or


school morning... I've been using

KIKO's Colour Definition Eyeliner and Kajal in 01 Darling Butter

which is a lovely creamy nude, perfect for delicate skin as it glides on and doesn't pull at the lid at all. You really can't complain for £5.90. If your not anywhere near a KIKO, then try the Rimmel eyeliners as they're also lovely albeit a bit harder in consistency. It's really amazing how much brighter my eyes look after a quick sweep of this - definitely give it a try!

But if you're wanting a bit more of face shaping glow, then try (coincidentally) another KIKO product, this time the highlighter from the

Contouring Pencil Set


I have the colour "light" but there are options for other skintones. Whats lovely about the highlighter is that there isn't any glitter to be seen and because it's in the form of a pencil, I find it really easy to trace my cupids bow and precisely reach under my brow bone. If you do prefer a bit of sparkle on your cheekbones, this is still wonderful for reaching those hard to reach places. Pencil highlighters are relatively common and I've heard good things about the Illamasqua version but for a version that doesn't break the bank, I'm not complaining.

What are your favourite products for catching a bit of sun?

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