Student House Room Details

I live in a student house with two other friends. It's the cutest little terraced house on a cobbled street that my dad thinks looks like I'm living on Coronation Street. It's little, but it's clean and warm which quite frankly are my only concerns.

But the only problem I have with living in rented accommodation like this is having limited scope with what you can do. But if you're in a similar situation, then I have a couple of handy tips for making it your own. 

My landlords are really brilliant and are completely fine with us putting up pictures so I picked up a couple of frames from ebay and Wilko where I framed some prints I had - it's amazing how much of a difference that makes. The pictures makes it look far more personable and homely than a simple blank wall. 

The furniture came with the house and was all dark wood but because I like quite a fresh finish and have a couple of my own pieces that were white, I bought some sticky back white plastic and covered my desk, bedside table and top of chest of drawers. I keep my makeup on top of my chest of drawers so it was really important to keep the furniture protected and not scratch it. The plastic peels off really easily and doesn't damage the furniture which is so important!

Above my desk, I have a pinboard from Block which is a nice twist on a standard cork notice board. Surrounding the board, I put a couple of pins in the wall to hang my hats which is just another way of making the walls slightly more exciting!

So, I hope you've enjoyed a little insight into my room. What are your tips for decorating rented accommodation?