Make a Mess with Mira

I love challenges where I'm given an idea for a blog post and have the chance to make something myself so when I got asked by Mira to create some of my own beauty products using water from the tap

I have majorly sensitive skin so I erred away from anything that would come into contact with my skin so opted to make the homemade lip scrub and lip balm instead of anything that could aggravate my skin. 

The lip scrub is wonderful - it reminds me so much of Lush sugar scrubs but of course, as I was the one making it, it's nice to know what goes into it. I mixed brown sugar with some melted coconut oil which smells amazing and then popped it into a little pot. I keep it in the fridge and obviously as it's all natural, there's nothing harmful in it. 

And then I made the lip balm which consists of melted soy wax, a vitamin e capsule, a ginger capsule and the tiniest bit of fudge flavouring so it tastes yum! The vitamin e is brilliant for your skin and the ginger makes your lips tingle and stimulate blood flow. 

What are you favourite home made beauty secrets?

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