I'm not big on the gym.

I go through phases where I'm obsessed or I do nothing and harp on about how life's too short but recently I rejoined the university swim team so fitness has definitely been more important than before.

Get The Label  challenged myself and some other bloggers to spend a month (after summer) to maintain those pre beach body workouts that everyone starts in May and gives up on by the end of the month.

They sent me a month pass to the Spin Factory in Manchester which is essentially Soul Cycle but up North which was an extra kick up the rear to get in gear!

With motivational things like this, it was lovely to be on the same page as other bloggers and have people there to help keep you going. If you're looking to do a similar type thing, it's definitely worth asking a friend to help out so you don't give up half way along!

Thanks so much Get The Label for my snazzy new workout gear and for this whole month!
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