Chip Free Glossy Nails

As much as I love the constant glossiness that gel nails gives, I can't afford to pay out £25 each time I get them done so I resorted to finding my own super glossy combination that I can do at home without any guilt of seeing the transactions come up on my bank statement.

First is the base coat which mattifies the nail and prevents the nail polish from just peeling off. I've been a longstanding lover of Seche Vite so their Ridge Filling Base Coat was a no brainer. It leaves a sheer white finish which is great for sheer nail polish as it amplifies their colour. 

Then onto the colour - above is the WAH girls Nail Polish in Wifey for Lifey (name = slightly dubious) but it's a lovely natural baby pink that looks good with everything. I've been switching between this and Essie's Wicked depending on my mood.

And finally, a potentially controversial option is the top coat. I've used Seche Vite for years and I honestly thought it would remain that way and never change but I spotted this in boots. The WAH Girls nailpolish emerged from a nail salon famed for nail art (their insta is incredible), and because they know their stuff, I decided to give their Super Glossy Top Coat a go. It's bloomin' brilliant because it's super glossy! (I still love my Seche Vite but this is ideal for that gel nail look).

What are some of your favourite nail options?
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