Moisture Marvels

Regardless of your skin type, everyone's skin dries out a little bit in winter and whether you have oily skin or not, it's incredibly important to make sure your skin is moisturised (even if you do it at night to prevent the dreaded oily t-zone in the day). 

I'm currently a massive fan of oils and because I like to load up my skin with oil, I do it after cleansing at night so it has ample time to soak in over the night and leave my skin radiant by morning. The Antipodes Divine Face Oil is one of my current all time favourites. It has a wonderful herbal scent and is packed with rosehip and avocado oil - rosehip reduces scarring and avocado reduces lines and age spots. It's incredibly moisturising and I wake up in the morning with my skin glowing and any spots reduced in size and redness.

I also love moisture masks for nighttime and use them as a heavy night cream (also great for flights!). My longtime favourite has to be Origins Drink Up Intensive which smells of mango and is a surprisingly light option. I put on loads before bed and let it sink in whilst I sleep and I wake up with my skin much softer. This is also my go to for flights as it doesn't appear too greasy on the face either.

The Body Shop are one of my favourite brands for skincare and their Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask lives up to my expectations. The texture reminds me of a gel and "bounces". It's incredibly moisturising and the vitamin E helps to reduce redness and scaring. I do also use this on my elbows as it's a great way to really pack in intense moisture without feeling greasy in the morning.

A new addition to my wardrobe is the Soap&Glory Speed Plump which is a day cream that has worked wonders. I'm not big on day creams as there are few that don't cause my makeup to slip off my face, but this is very light but also primes my skin and still makes my makeup last. It's great for if I'm wearing a matte foundation as it prevents any dry bits appearing.

What are some of your favourite moisturisers for this time of year?

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