Rugby World Cup with Christy Towels

One of the only blessings of having my blog emails come straight to my phone is that I'm constantly able to reply to emails if necessary and I think I replied to an email about the rugby world cup in about ten split seconds.

Granted, it wasn't a final but it was the last game that England were to play and despite them being knocked out of the competition, it was something that I couldn't miss. So when Christy Towels sent me an email asking if I would like to attend the game at the Ethiad Stadium, I didn't think twice about replying with a resounding yes.

My brother leapt at the chance to watch the game alongside me and it was incredible. My dad has always been a die hard rugby fan so my brother and I were used to the game and knew the rules (sorta) but being in the stadium is far more exciting that simply having some screen time. 

It might sound rather cliche to say the roar of the crowd really adds something, but it honestly does. Being surrounded by thousands of mainly middle aged men, tipsy on overpriced beer, singing Swing Lo' Sweet Chariot, is honestly an experience not to be missed.

Although I have to say that one of the highlights (aside from England smashing it) had to be when one of the selfies that I took and tweeted ended up on the big screens. There is my fifteen minutes of fame gone and lost. 

Thanks so much for Christy Towels for the tickets. 

Ellie Dickinsonlifestyle, out