When Boredom Strikes

We all have those days where we've exhausted everything on netflix and the weather really isn't worth venturing out into but alas, boredom strikes.

So I've put together a list of things that I like to do when I'm bored and have nothing productive to do.

Explore Youtube
There are so many youtube channels out there and whenever I discover a new channel, I find myself binge watching their videos which always leads to at leas a couple of hours of entertainment.

I know this probably makes some of you shudder but there is something incredibly therapeutic about sorting everything out. My next project is my wardrobe and I'll definitely be putting together a couple of bags for the charity shop.

Play Online
This is very much a last resort as I normally find my stride when tacking my room, but a good way of entertaining yourself might be playing online! Online Casino's are great ways of curing boredom as they're often full of entertaining games to play. 

Write a List
I think it's obvious now that I love a bit of organisation and often writing a list helps me to organise my thoughts and really sort out what I need to do because no matter how bored I am, I normally have something that I need to do (don't we all).

I love cooking in general so depending on my mood, I either tend to bake or bulk cook for the week ahead. I love things like lasagne and pasta bakes for the weeks ahead and then freeze them to keep myself going. An hour of cooking for the weeks ahead is often worth it for the home cooked meals I'll be having. I do the same with baking, particularly with brownies which freeze incredibly well and are worth having in the freezer just incase hunger strikes and I have a sugar craving.

Take Blog Photos
Obviously, this isn't particularly relevant to those of you who aren't bloggers but I find taking my photos in bulk really makes my life far easier in the long run as it means I don't have to leave the warmth of my duvet.