Brand Spotlight #2: Soap&Glory

So I'm obsessed with Soap&Glory and adore a large range of products so thought I would share some of my favourites! Soap&Glory is a brand I've loved since I was thirteen and living in Thailand where I was introduced to the Righteous Butter (something my mum and I still use!).

But as we have a lot to get through, let's get going.

Makeup wise, I haven't tried that many things but it should be no surprise that Brow Archery is one of my favourites. It's the perfect ashy brown for my hair and it just looks wonderful. The nib is really fine and the spooly is wonderful! But recently, I've been trying the Brow Archery 2-in-1 which is similar to the brow archery but instead of a simple pencil, it has a tinted brow wax which has the perfect amount of colour and waxiness. Ideal for those no makeup days where the brows still need to be tamed.

Soap&Glory skincare has been something I've seriously ignored until recently but I'm a woman obsessed. I've never been big on day creams but the Speed Plump All Day Moisture Marvel is brilliant. It smells incredible (the marshmallow Soap&Glory scent) and works really well. It sits really well under makeup but doesn't make it look greasy or anything like that. And then for night, I've been loving moisture masks and with a fourteen hour flight looming, I needed something that worked in flight as well. The Beauty Sleep Accelerator is incredible and I honestly think it might be a slightly thicker dupe for the Origins Drink Me Up Moisture Mask. It smells of mango and is incredibly moisturising but leaves my skin fresh and glowy in the morning. 

And onto bodycare, I couldn't not mention the Righteous Butter because I've been using it for donkey's years and it's the best. The scent isn't too overpowering and it sinks into your skin straight away. The one pictured is from the christmas scent, hence why it's little (which is great for travelling) but normally, the tub is much larger!

Have you tried Soap&Glory? What are some of your favourites? 

This post may contain items that have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.