6 Ways to Personalise Your Fitness Routine

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We've all been there, scrolling through instagram whilst eating a Dominoes and stumbling across a bikini babe and thinking "oh, b******". We've all read countless articles on how Gigi Hadid maintains those abs or how Tash Oakley looks flawless 24-7 in a bikini, but the reality is, is that not everything your fitspiration does will work for you. 

The big part about achieving your goals is finding a workout routine that works for you. Everyone has a different lifestyle and body type so sometimes just because a Victoria's Secret angel does it, doesn't mean it'll fit in around your uni schedule. So here are the things to look for when coming up with a plan for you. 

  1. Decide on a goal. Now this might seem really obvious but a goal is so important. If you don't have a goal, then ultimately you're not striving to achieve anything. It doesn't have to be weight related, it could simply be to run 5 miles in less than 20 minutes. But be reasonable, no one is going to drop a stone in 2 days.
  2. Alternate your workouts. If your goal is fitness related like mine, I like to switch up my workouts to prevent getting bored. I work out twice a week with Darren Craven and do weight related + boxing exercises which are less cardio focused and 3 times a week I crack on with a spinning class for cardio!
  3. Try A Personal trainer. This is definitely not for those with tight purse strings but if you're really willing to commit, it might be worth looking into having a PT for a month just so you're set up with a reasonable fitness routine. These regular sessions not only mean you're doing something a bit different but you also then have someone push you harder than you're likely to work yourself!
  4. Plan your gym sessions. If you don't have a plan to go to the gym, you won't go. Sometimes good intentions aren't enough. If you have Personal Trainer, book for two months so you're committed for a good amount of time but if you're just going to the gym, get organised and sort out a routine. I hit the gym after work and I find lugging my bag around all day reminds me of this!
  5. Step outside the gym. Sometimes a gym isn't ideal for everyone, especially if you're not confident with the equipment but a jog in the park or a Blogilates home workout can be just as effective! If you enjoy things like swimming, get in the pool, or if you want a gentler workout like Yoga, why not stretch in your garden?
  6. Try things out. If you're completely new to the whole fitness thing, try out a few classes! When I first joined my gym, I tried a whole load of classes from Bootcamps to Barre to Spinning, see what works for you. I personally love a good Spinning class but they're not for everyone. 

How have you made your fitness routine right for you?

***If you're in the North West area and looking for a PT, I train with Darren Craven at Bear SCP. Give him a twitter follow!***

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