4 Quick Fixes For Flat Hair

If you’ve got fine, flat hair you know how much of pain it is. Constantly being jealous of your friends with their thick hair that just falls into place without any effort, while you’re spending hours trying to get your hair to look half decent. People will give you all sorts of advice like blow drying it upside down or backcombing it to give it volume. But when you’re in a rush to get ready for work in the morning you haven’t got time for all that messing around. You could just leave it as it is but there are things that you can do. These are some of the best quick fixes for flat hair.

Wash It Every Day

There’s a lot of conflicting information about how often you should shampoo your hair. A lot of people say that the natural oils that build up in your hair keep it healthy so you shouldn’t shampoo every day because you’re stripping all of those oils away, making your hair dry. That is good advice for those lucky people with full hair but it won’t work on your fine hair. Those oils will build up and make your hair look greasy, and make it heavier. That means it’ll look even flatter than it normally does so you’re much better off washing it every day.

Conditioner is another thing that people with fine hair get wrong. You might think that you need to use conditioner to stop the hair from drying out because you’re washing it every day. But conditioner is filled with lots of oils and silicones designed to replace the ones you lose from shampooing and they’ll weigh your hair down quite a bit, again, making it look flatter. You can still use conditioner but use it sparingly and avoid using any near the roots.

Use The Right Products

People have probably told you to just shove a load of mousse in there and it’ll add volume but when you try it, you aren’t getting anywhere. You can spend hours trying all sorts of different products but you won’t see any change if you aren’t using the right products. Products can be a good way to make your fine hair look better but you need to use specifically designed hair products for volume and texture. There are some great mousses and mists that are designed with fine hair in mind. You’ll see far better results using these than you would a general product for all hair types.

It’s worth remembering though that you need to be sparing with the products. The biggest mistake people make is thinking that the more volumizing mousse they put in, the better the volume they’ll get. That’s not the case because if you fill your hair with too many products, you’ll weigh it down and make it look flat and wet. Use the right products and use them sparingly and you’ll see far better results.

Comb It Right

You might not realize it but the comb that you use can have a big effect on your hair. A plastic comb will attract a lot of static and make your hair crazy, especially if it’s really fine. You won’t have that problem if you use a metal comb instead. Making this simple change could make all the difference to your hair in the morning and massively cut the amount of time it takes to get it looking good.

Now you’ve got the right comb you need to make sure that you’re using it right. The biggest mistake is combing it through when it’s wet. It does make it easier to get knots out and it works for thicker hair but it isn’t the best thing for fine hair. If you comb it while it’s wet and then leave the house it’ll go flatter once it dries. You’ll get more volume if you dry it completely and then comb it through afterward.

Put It In A Ponytail

Even with these simple hacks, it can still take a while to get your fine hair looking great. But the one benefit of having flat hair is that it looks great in a ponytail. If you really don’t have the time to mess about with it, it takes no effort to pull it back into a ponytail and it’ll look good. It might not be the style that you had in mind but it’s a good fallback when you haven’t got time for anything else.

The main thing to remember is to wash and dry your hair correctly and use the right products sparingly and you can get your fine hair under control.

Ellie Dickinson