4 Ways to Get in Touch with Yourself


Something I’ve really been trying to put a lot of effort into recently is being okay with being on my own. That’s not meant to be interpreted as a deep statement or a resignation to become a spinster – I just wanted to be comfortable enough by myself that I didn’t have a problem being alone. It’s crazy how there are so many social rules as to what we can or can’t do by ourselves that it was actually quite tricky! So I thought I’d share 4 ways of how you can really get in touch with yourself again.

1. Go out for a coffee and read a book or work.

This honestly doesn’t sound too ground-breaking and it’s great if this isn’t a big deal, but I know a lot of people who find the concept of sitting alone in a coffee shop as quite daunting! I love working or reading in coffee shops as they’re often a productive environment, and who doesn’t love a cream-laden drink? Find a coffee shop with a comfy chair and settle down –it’s probably one of the least intimidating spaces to start!

2. Break the solo-cinema rule. 

I used to have a real fear about going to the cinema alone – but the fear was entirely rooted in what everyone else thought of me. So about a year ago, I just went. It was absolutely fine! The only part I found a bit different was not being able to discuss the movie afterwards but the experience was great and trust me, no one looked at me weirdly. If you want to watch that film, just go.

3. Travel solo.

Because my parents live abroad, I used to regularly travel to see them and I remember how nerve-wracking it was the first time I went! But whether this involves taking the train up to Blackpool or an entire city break, go on holiday as a solo traveller and you’ll not only meet new people but you’ll really get in touch with yourself. Also, can hundred percent say that travelling by yourself is far less stressful than travelling with other people! Trust me on this one

4. Eat alone.

Again, this is another slightly weird social grey area but I’m not sure why. One of my favourite things used to be going out and grabbing breakfast somewhere. Sometimes I’d use the time to get some work done or sometimes it was just a bit of an escape. It could even be as simple as taking a packed lunch and eating in the park. It’s a good time.

So there you have it. I’m definitely a bit of an introvert so I really value time on my own, but I also think it’s so important for everyone to have a bit of space. I think today’s society often places a lot of emphasis on friendships and whilst they are definitely important, it’s also really important to know yourself as a person first and foremost.

Are you a bit of an introvert? What are your favourite ways to have a bit of downtime by yourself?

Ellie Dickinson