4 Ways to Spend Time With Your Gal Pals


Perhaps it’s just the way my friends and I function best, but I 100% prefer intense catch up sessions that last over 4 hours compared to regular coffee catch-ups. And a personal favourite way to add a bit of something different is to plan an activity. So I thought I’d share 4 of my favourite ways to spend time with your friends, as well as the perfect opportunity to try something different!

Day out.

Recently my friends and I drove to Southport and it was possibly the best catch up day we’ve had in a while! Because we were on a beach, our phones were left in the car and it meant we spent loads of time catching up with our undivided attention. I genuinely think that day trips out of the city you live in are great for friend-dates as not only do you have plenty of road trip fun but you’re all out of your comfort zone!

Spa day.

Similarly to a beach day, a spa day is a great way to spend time with friends without any distractions. Not only is a spa the perfect location to relax and unwind, but there is no place better than a hot tub for an in depth conversation! Enjoy a spa day and pamper yourself – which combines a treat and a perfect way to ensure that your friend date happens! Try and look out for deals that include lunch so you can really take advantage of the facilities!

Pottery café.

Did any of you go to these as children? I have so many fond memories of making various plates and mugs at little craft cafes and they were honestly the best! I’ve noticed a resurgence of these and think they would be the perfect place to catch up whilst obviously having a bit of fun! Plus, you can completely customise a piece of porcelain to your own taste – Anthropologie, eat your heart out!

Movie day.

 Whether you’re a movie buff or simply want to relive your childhood by watching all three High School Musicals, I find having a movie on in the background to be a really helpful way to catch up! If you’re anything like my friends, we spend way more time criticising and mocking films so it really creates a relaxed atmosphere! Grab some popcorn, some fizzy drinks and call the takeaway – the perfect day in!

What are your favourite ways to catch up with friends? Anything that you always schedule in for long catch-ups?

Ellie Dickinson