Join The Fashion World Wherever You Are

A guest post by Mary Jo.

When it comes to fashion, the best outfits are those that call on creativity and originality for inspiration. Not only does dressing well make you feel happy and confident, but because fashion is so much fun, expressing yourself through it is a unique talent to have. Pursuing a career in the fashion world is not easy, and getting to a global level takes some time. Fortunately though, the world is a big place, and fashion is one of the few concepts that transcend cultures and people.

Fashion is such a large industry that jobs range from As to Zs. However, due to the common stigma that big cities have the most opportunities, many that want to make it big foolishly try to start there. However, what many people don’t realize is that the smaller cities are the right place to start. The UK has many other smaller cities, rather than its capital, that allow for fashion creativity. A small city lets the fashionista to work and focus on his/her style without the big city’s pressure. An example of up and coming ‘small city’ in the UK would be Derby. The industry in the small town is going over the roof, and the fashion sense is great. Smaller than the big city, Derby is becoming what trendsetters need, a fresher approach. In fact, you will be able to find many jobs in Derby, especially when we are talking about this particular industry. 

When working on fashion, it’s not about how crazy one can go with outfits, but what they’re trying to say through it. Not that the meaning must say everything about you, but because fashion is art, and art is a way of expressing one's self, even the smallest idea or feeling can be expressed through clothes.

Moreover, thanks to fashion’s uniting nature, fashion inevitably brings people together. Bonding over a store, garment, or accessory is fun, and getting to know people starts being easier. Sharing ideas, getting together, or watching fashion shows are only some of the activities that lend themselves to the phenomenon. Not only does fashion bring people together, but it also helps people understand themselves and those around them. I’m not saying that you must be a fashion queen or king, but even wearing a simple graphic t-shirt allows for creative expression.

Ellie Dickinson