Current Gym Bag Essentials

gym bag essentials. 
gym bag essentials. 
gym bag essentials. 

As I get older, I seem to get lazier, and gone are the days where I'd factor in an extra 30 minutes after my gym routine just to make sure my makeup was pristine. With deadlines on the horizon, my focus is cleanliness and keeping my skin in check - less focus on the aesthetic. So I decided to share some of my gym bag essentials - that range from during workout to post workout. Hopefully, this helps you make your gym bag far more streamlined.

During Workout

This is a bit of a given, but a decent water bottle is an absolute essential - and it's taken a lot of trial and error to find the right one. My workouts switch between spinning and body pump, so I only have quick breaks - which makes the ION8 Leakproof 750ml* bottle absolutely perfect. It's a good size and really easy to clean, which means that it prevents any mould. This is ideal for the rest of the day too as it has a safety clip which means it won't leak in your bag. Safe to say I'm emotionally attached to it...

Post Workout

Aside from showering and washing my hair, I have a bit of a post-workout routine. I first apply the Clinique Moisture Surge Concentrate and once that's sunk in, apply the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. I'm a huge fan of this combination as the Effaclar Duo helps with preventing breakouts and reducing scarring, while the Clinique helps with soothing any redness (post gym) and improving moisture levels.

I don't tend to bother with makeup, but I always tend to comb my brows through with the Brow Bar Clear Brow Gel*. I discovered this as part of a beauty box and it's a great gel that keeps my brows shaped, without them feeling crispy.

And then, the snacks. I tend to workout first thing in the morning, so bring my breakfast with me, but if it's midday, I make sure to have a snack bar of some sort in my gym bag just in case! Depending on my workout and what I've eaten the rest of the day, I vary between Nakd Bars and Kind Bars. Nakd bars are higher in carbs and sugars, whereas Kind Bars are nut based so have more protein. Like I said, it depends on my workout and diet. 

What are some of your workout or gym essentials? Have I missed anything crucial?