Choosing the Best Hair Removal Method for You


I'm of the belief that hair removal is a really personal choice - not only because it's a choice whether you choose to remove hair or not, but also the method. From shaving to waxing to epilating to laser, there are honestly so many methods out there (of varying degrees of pain) and is a choice that is so personal as it can be reflective upon lifestyle. So I thought I'd talk you through some of your options and how they could work for you.


I started shaving when I was 12. This may sound young, but I grew up in a hot country and my school uniform was a skirt above the knee, so I was quite self-conscious of the hair on my legs. This is definitely the most accessible (and cheapest) form of hair removal as all you need is a razor! I tend to favour shaving over most other forms simply because I can do it easily in the shower and it's not a faff - and once you have your razor, it's free!


Last year I collaborated with a local laser removal clinic and had 6 sessions of laser hair removal on my underarm. Whilst I had quite a good initial result, the hair did grow back about a month after my last session. Because I collaborated, I did get the sessions for free but it is really pricey otherwise! To be honest, although the hair has grown back, it is far more fine than before so I don't need to shave as regularly - but it's not a permanent solution. But I was so happy with the results that it's something you should consider if you often have your legs out etc - but it is painful. 


I've only ever experienced waxing in the form of getting my eyebrows done - mainly because I'm really impatient. Waxing is one of those things that really works and reduces the hair over time, but it definitely requires a bit of patience as you have to wait till the hair is a certain length again. I have so many friends who have been getting their legs waxed since they were young and it is something they swear by so I would definitely consider it! If you're like me and a bit impatient, it may be worth starting in winter so it's not an issue to let the hair grow and of course once you've had a wax, you get a good amount of time till the hair grows out again. If you're looking to try waxing, Groupon has lots of incredible deals for cheap waxing appointments in Manchester.

Hair removal cream.

I have a bit of dark hair on top of my lip that I am 100% more aware of than anyone I've met, so roughly every month, I whack a bit of hair removal cream on and get rid of it. Hair removal cream is completely painless aside from a bit of redness and sensitivity after so is perfect if you want the results but no pain! I personally wouldn't use this for my legs simply because it's a bit of a faff and I wouldn't want to accidentally wipe cream everywhere! I use this for my face and definitely think that's the best place to use it!


Epilating is my newest discovery and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand, it removes hair and gives your hairless legs for a really good amount of time, but it does sting. A lot. This is definitely the most painful method of hair removal I've tried but it does work - so it's a bit of a catch 22. 

So there we have it - my breakdown of all the hair removal treatments I've tried! Have you tried any hair removal treatments? Have I missed anything? What's your personal favourite?

Ellie Dickinson