The Iconic White Blouse – Making it Work for You


Some items of clothing never go out of fashion. White blouses are the perfect example. You are always able to find them in the shops.

This year, the white blouse is set to be a key piece in most women’s summer wardrobes. So, stores and online retailers like JD Williams are offering a far bigger selection than they have for a while. Below is a roundup of the most current cuts, with a few suggestions to help you to decide when and where to wear them.

The general trend

Before I start, the first thing to say is that the general trend is loose and floaty white blouses. Boho, gypsy style cuts are set to be the most popular, this summer.

Blouses for hot days

Staying cool during the summer is something we all want to do. Loose-fitting blouses are great for this. They enable the air to circulate, which helps you to stay cool and keeps you dry as well. You may also like to take a look at the asymmetrical and cold shoulder cuts. Both of these trends have made their way through from last year and remain very popular. The Bardot cut is particularly good because it is sleeveless as well as loose-fitting.

Choosing blouses that are made from natural fibres will also help with this. Fortunately, these are very popular, right now. Fashion designers are aware of the fact that many people want to live in a more sustainable way. As a result, fabrics that are made from cotton, bamboo, flax and silk are all being more widely used.

Great blouses for the workplace

For the workplace, most women will need something closer-fitting. Tailored or semi-tailored blouses tend to look smarter and work better with a suit. Although, sometimes you can get away with wearing a gypsy cut blouse and tucking it into your skirt or trousers. Fairly loose utility shirts can also work well. The pockets give this type of blouse more structure, which makes them look more formal than some other loose fitting cuts do. Any front buttoned white shirt or blouse should also work for wearing under a suit jacket.

Blouses for your summer holiday

Most of us like to get a tan when we go away. So, if you have a beach holiday planned consider packing a couple of cami tops, or maybe a swing blouse.

Picking the right cut

Because white blouses are so simple you need to get the cut right to make them really work for you. This article explains how to select a blouse or shirt that will complement your body shape so that you will always look your best.

Taking care of your white blouse

The only problem with white is that every single mark shows and they have a tendency to pick up other colours in the wash. So, unfortunately, they do take a bit more effort to look after. But, provided you spot clean any marks immediately and put them through a whites-only wash they should stay looking good, all season.

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Ellie Dickinson