Inflight Beauty Edit

I've got my inflight beauty routine down to a tee. I'm not the kind of person who is into sheet masks (I'm afraid a sheet mask in Economy Class doesn't go down too well) but I very much am into keeping my skin hydrated to prevent a dreaded post-longhaul breakout. So I thought I'd share my favourite things to bring along on a longhaul flight.

My "big" products I always bring along are a face oil, currently a decanted Antipodes Divine Face Oil and a moisturising leave on mask, currently Origins Drink Me Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I typically apply the face oil as soon as I'm on the flight, letting it settle for about 30 minutes and then apply a face mask (they aren't too obvious at all) and then fall asleep. I find this is a pretty foolproof way of keeping my skin really fresh and this means I hardly lose any moisture.

I find my eyes often get really dry so I do apply an eye cream of some sort, at the moment I'm using Lancome's Illuminating Eye Cream which has a metal applicator but isn't designed to make you look more awake. And I also carry around eye drops and a caffeine roll on for when I arrive in the morning.

Hygiene wise, I always bring deodorant and hand sanitiser because I do like to try and stay as clean as possible and as I can't exactly shower on the flight (economy woes) so I do my best.

Makeup wise, I bring a mini mascara but that's it.

I know there are a lot of products photographed but I thought I'd just provide a brief insight into the things I bring. Whenever I fly longhaul, it's a night flight so I don't bother too much about the aesthetics but this is a pretty tied and tested solution!

What kinds of things do you bring on a longhaul flight?


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