An Inner City Escape at The Midland, Manchester

Imagine a swift transition from Manchester traffic and roadworks to that soft tinkling of wind pipes and chimes. Enter The Midland Spa, a stark contrast to the miserable weather outside lies a soft and gentle warmth of a spa, tucked right away in the heart of the city.

There is nothing that sparks my interest more than a spa service that claims to banish the worries and woes that threaten the busy; and the Midland Spa does just this. We spent an ideal Sunday tucked away from the rest of the world in what should be described as nothing less than a haven.

Swept away in a hour long massage, my mum and I were privy to a world of luxury quite unlike what we were used to. My mum had an hour long reflexology treatment whilst I had an aromatherapy massage which was ideal for switching off. Following our treatments, we spent a good amount of time in the Himalayan Rock Salt Sauna and got our sweat on before a light lunch of sandwiches with a side of chips. 

In order to let our stomachs settle before hitting the indoor pool, dressed in white fluffy robes, we relaxed in the aptly named Relaxation sweet where we were suspended in white egg-like pods that felt somewhat strange as I was convinced I was close to falling out! But ten minutes later, we were ready for the steam room. An hour later, we were thoroughly relaxed and ready to conquer the week. The ideal end to a weekend.