Out of Trouble Skincare Fixes

in trouble skin care breakout clearing skincare

If you're following me on twitter, (hint @elliegdickinson), you'll know that my skin has suddenly broken out and due to a combination of assignments, bad eating and stress, it's been a bad one. There's nothing worse than breakouts, especially when they're painful.

So I've been reaching for several different products that I know work because I've just needed to get my skin fixed. These are products I've been using for quite a while so I just know they'll do the job. (Sidenote, this is not my full skincare routine and I still use my Antipodes oil as normal!)

One of my initial go to products is always a calming one, which is the Origins Out of Trouble Mask which I apply directly to the breakouts. It contains zinc so is great for calming down redness and just making those spots less angry. Not ideal for white heads, but just great for those annoying red "lumps". 

Once I've applied that and if my skin is still hating me, I use my Lush Mask of Magnaminty which is probably one of my favourite Lush masks. I have the self-preserving one (the fresh one is better) but it contains mint, camomile and honey which all work on calming, clearing and the clay in the mask helps bring everything to the surface. The mask has a slight exfoliant in it so when you remove it, it helps buff the skin gently. 

If I'm suffering from horrible redness sans the lumps or spots, I adore my REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask which I use because it really helps "clean" my skin and pull out all the gunk that might be learning. (Gross, I'm sorry). I don't buy the whole invisible pores thing, but it does act as a skin detox which is exactly what I want when I'm having a bad skin day.

But if nothing is working and the lurkers are still there, I have a secret weapon. Note, this is only for spots that aren't whiteheads. I adore the Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel which sorts everything out overnight. It's very much a last resort as it's so strong but it really sorts everything out. It contains caffeine which calms the skin and also forms a film over the spot which helps protect it.