Update Your Home with Accessories


I don't know about you but I often change my mind about home decor. Whether it's wanting to switch up my room following a Pinterest binge or simply because I'm feeling bored - I love the flexibility of switching up your room or home! So I thought I'd share my 5 favourite ways to update your home for minimal cost!


I think carpets or rugs really can change the room. Adding in a light rug can really brighten the room whereas a warm-toned rug can add a bit of cosiness. I love a mix of classic cream rugs with a few statement rugs. If you don't have much floor space, a rug or carpet can look great under a coffee table and spice up space! I'd also suggest having a look for runners which are long and thin and can help to define and separate spaces.


Once you find a lighting designer that you like, it can be quite easy to pick up a few lighting accessories to update the room. Whilst I'm normally a huge advocate for shopping online, I'd suggest visiting a design light shop to have a look at the lighting options in person just to make sure you're happy with the size and light filter! A cheap way to update lighting is to change your lamp shade. This is a really inexpensive idea and can be really cheap! I also think that switching up a statement lamp can be a fab way of updating your space - whether this is a bedside lamp or a tall standing light - it can change the space! If you have a hanging bulb, why not switch it to a trendy vintage bulb?

Dress Your Bed.

I think that dressing a bed can make such a difference. Pick up a few cheap throw cushions and a soft blanket to really make your bed look cosy and inviting. Try to mix textures - I'm a huge fan of the longhair Mongolian fur cushions as they're so cosy and comfortable. Mix a furry cushion with suede for a textured and wonderful look. I recommend neutral bedding and bring the pops of colour with your cushions. This means that it's cheaper to update your space when trends change as neutral bedding never goes out of style!


I think frames are one of the best accessories to add to your space! I'd recommend getting a variety of sizes so that you can lean some against the wall and have some hung. I really enjoy mixing a variety of frames for a more unique look. Try mixing a bit of personality with some photos and some pictures - this will make your space really homey and comfortable! If you have a mantlepiece, I love how frames looked leaned against the wall - which means you don't have to put any nails in the wall. Frames are really cheap to buy and it's so easy to change the prints or photos inside - again, a great tool to have to constantly update your home!

Ellie Dickinson