5 Ways to Deal With Migraines


Migraines are the worst sort of a headache - and are the only type of a headache I seem to get. But I find them almost impossible to get rid of, except by sleep. But I've reached a sort of point where I'm starting to understand what causes them and get to the point where I know how to stop them when I get that first little niggle... And for any other migraine sufferers out there, I understand how rubbish they are and hopefully this post will help.

1. Fever Few Supplements.

It's fairly well known and researched that Feverfew supplements are a fantastic natural supplement that prevents headaches. I've been trying to take a capsule in the morning and whilst I do still get an odd migraine, they are probably only about once a month!

2. Have strong migraine relief on hand.

Just as you might carry Paracetamol, I'd suggest keeping some sort of migraine relief with you at all times. Whilst it might not be the ultimate solution once a headache has developed, they can be great as prevention. There are loads of over counter solutions that I wouldn't suggest relying on, but can be helpful in a time of need. 

3. Recognise your trigger factors.

I've unfortunately had to face up to the reality that bread can sometimes cause a migraine but the same could apply to dehydration, too much screen time or too little sleep! Everyone is different so make sure you recognise what is your cause.

4. Carry a Migraine Stick.

You can get all sorts of essential oil rollerball migraine relief solutions and I find this ideal for days where sitting in a dark room isn't possible. They're normally fairly cheap so I tend to carry one in my purse. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - but it's worth it for when you can't afford another sick day.

5. Stay hydrated.

I can almost guarantee that most migraines tend to be water related and if you're not drinking enough, then the migraines are going to keep happening. I'd suggest carrying around a water bottle so you know how much you're drinking. 

Do you suffer from migraines? What are some of your favourite relief options?

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