Minimising My Jewelry Collection

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I used to be one of those people who would buy every pair of earrings I saw without thinking about when I would wear them or if they were truly my style. It was a quick decision but one that meant I was surrounded by costume jewelry that simply collected dust. But years on, I’ve truly identified my style and know what type of thing I’m after which is how I discovered the hidden gem that is AU-Rate, a brand that creates truly stunning and delicate gold jewelry.

And it was upon this discovery that triggered this post, sharing some of my favourite jewelry and the brands that create them - because I’m of the belief that it is more effective to have a few more expensive pieces than lots of cheap bits and bobs.

The simple earring - unfortunately I’ve never been one of those people that suits or can get away with wearing big earrings - it’s never at the forefront of my mind so is something that I never truly think about or want to do. Which is why the simple stud is so important - because it’s the earring I will wear for the next year or so… I have this stunning pair of Mini Gold Stud Earrings from AU-Rate. They’re a delicate gold and are so simple and minimal that they truly go with anything - they’re a dream and such high quality!

For necklaces, I’m not personally a fan of anything that has symbols like the evil eye (which has made shopping at the moment quite tricky…), but I love the coin & initial trend. I have a few name and initial necklaces, but my new favourite one is this simple yet stunning offering from Carrie Elizabeth Jewelry. Carrie Elizabeth has an array of jewelry including moonstone rings and of course the necklace that I was kindly gifted! This adds a minimal and personal twist perfect for a little something extra.

Bracelets are again something I tend not to enjoy - especially as I work on a computer and they annoy me - but I do enjoy a ring! I’m a huge fan of Missoma’s range of rings as they’re often delicate and stackable. The perfect thing to suggest as gifts as they’re really incredibly made.

What’s your jewelry aesthetic - are there any other brands that I should try?

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