Minimalist Travel Beauty Packing Guide

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I can hand on heart say that I used to have a tendency to overpack. It used to be so over the top that my parents consistently ask me "how heavy my case was", just so my dad could tell me how his bag was 15kg under the limit. I just like to be prepared, okay?!

But after regularly travelling between the UK and where my parents live in Asia, I've really refined my travel beauty bag into a minimalist-friendly sized amount. And by beauty, I mean makeup (but stay tuned if you're interested in how I pack my wash bag with my skincare and everything else!

For a base, I always take a BB cream type product that is buildable. That way if I can choose between a heavier coverage and a lighter option depending on how my skin is feeling. A current favourite is the Glossier Skin Tint in Medium as it is really light but can be built up to provide a bit more coverage if necessary. Because I'm off on a beach holiday, I tend not to wear much skin makeup once I've built a bit of a tan so the fact that the skin tint is rather small is a definite benefit! (I'm quite pale but I like the medium shade as it has a yellow undertone as opposed to the pink undertone of light). If you want to get 10% off your first order, please use this affiliate link - this doesn't affect the price, it just gives you a cheeky discount.

Beyond this, I always take a fairly light powder like Bourjois Healthy Mix. This is light enough that it can prevent me looking too sweaty but if necessary, could be used for a bit of coverage. I also use this to set my eyelids and prevent too much mascara transfer. (And it means I don't need to bother with anything like an eyelid primer).

For other face products, I love the Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam as it's a coral toned cream blush that gives a lovely glow but in a pinch can be used on the lips or eyes. Another glowy beachy favourite is the Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder in Indiscretion which is a bronze highlight that could be used to give a beachy bronzed look in lieu of a bronzer. I find that this is slightly too dark for the everyday use but it works so well in summer and a beach environment.

My eye products are fairly minimal in comparison - I would never bother with eyeshadow normally but as I'm going to be on a beach and in a more city environment, I've popped in the MAC Eyeshadow x 9 - Solar Glow Times Nine as it's a really tiny palette that has both shimmers and mattes. I've also packed the KIKO Into The Woods Volume Mascara*  as it's a really high impact and voluminous mascara that despite not technically being waterproof, is really long lasting. But I also love the NYX Worth The Hype Mascara

Brows are probably the most important part of my makeup routine as even if I'm not wearing anything else on my face, my brows always have something in them. Current favourites are the NYX Micro Brow Pencil and the Glossier Boy Brow. The NYX pencil has a really fine point and a wide colour range so is great for adding a bit more definition and the Boy Brow has great hold to my brows whilst still adding a slight tint. The combination of the two is longlasting and able to be toned down or amped up - depending on how I feel.

Packing lip products are the part of this that is most variable - I'm bringing a nude and an orange toned red lipstick which is more than enough to give a bit of variety without being too much. Favourites include the Lipstick Queen Nothing but the Nudes and the somewhat controversial, Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lip in Anna Nicole. Both matte, both longlasting. 

And those are all the products I bring - enough to give a bit of variety. I'm a huge fan of products that can be multi-use and I like having a couple of out there options just in case I fancy wearing a bit more than usual. If I was just going to a beach, then I wouldn't pack the eyeshadow and lipstick, but if you're in a city as well, it gives a bit of room to play.

How tight are you with your makeup on holiday? Do you go big or keep things fairly minimal like me? 

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