Mount Faber Park: One of the Most Romantic Places in Singapore


Singapore is one of the most amazing destinations in Asia. In addition to the impressive city that is full of intriguing architectural structures and other incredible features, one can also visit the serene parks in the mountainous regions of the island.

One such place is Mount Faber Park. This is a haven for tourists who have an appetite for adventure with a lot of hiking, sightseeing and cycling. Better still, it is a romantic destination that is frequented by lovebirds for its fulfilling activities.

Location and Access

If you want to get to this park, which is located in the town of Bukit Merah, you will have an easy time because Singapore has a good network of roads. It is located at the junction of Telok Blangah Road and Kampong Bahru Road. Personal vehicles are allowed, and the destination has a designated car park. Most people come here by organized transport either in a bus or van.

Things to Do at Mount Faber Park

·         Cable car – the park has amazing views that any couple will enjoy. And the best way to enjoy these is by taking a cable car to Sentosa Island. As it rolls down, both of you will have a memorable and thrilling experience. The cable car passes through the southern area of the region, which is the most beautiful according to many.

·         Bird watching – what more could lovers want than the songs of different species of birds in the park. The best way to capture this is to bring a high-end camera and binoculars that are suitable for this. Binoculars will also enhance the bird viewing expedition for any couple.

·         Nature walk – any couple that has ever taken a nature walk will agree that this is one of the most romantic things to do with a partner. Mount Faber Park offers either a nature walk where the two of you can explore on your own or a guided tour along the southern ridges, where you will be told more about the history of the park. When you process your travel documents with the Visa Express agents, you can ask them for more information about the park.

Precautions to Take

While trekking or hiking in Mount Faber Park, it is good to take all necessary precautions. First of all, it is important to bring the right gear for the occasion, which includes hiking boots, a hat, sunglasses and the appropriate clothes.

Be sure to read the policies of the park, which are listed at the entrance and also on various websites that your travel agent may suggest. Singapore takes its laws very seriously, and even visitors can be prosecuted for breaking simple rules.


With all this in mind, you can rest assured that your trip to Mount Faber Park will not only be interesting but also memorable. Also, bring along some cash, which is important for minor expenses like buying water and food while you are traveling.

Ellie Dickinson