7 Natural Beauty Tips, From Puffy Eyes to Zits

In the last few years there has been a rise in natural beauty tips, not only that but a marked increase in people purchasing vegan or cruelty-free products. So here is a neat list of 7 natural beauty tips.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

  1. Banish those sneaky wrinkles (and keep your hair knot free) by switching out your pillowcase. Swapping from a traditional cotton case to a silk pillowcase reduces the skin compression and friction while you are sleeping. If you find yourself waking up in a particular position every morning, you might like to try and switch up how you are sleeping. Use pillows to support you into another position.

  1. Ditch the sugar and clear your skin up. This is such a simple move, but sometimes chocolate is just a little bit too tempting. Instead of cutting it out totally, try cutting it down. Sugar is the most significant contributor to inflammation. That inflammation shows up on our face in the form of blemishes. Try to lower your daily sugar intake over the course of a month, and you’ll see the improvement.

  1. Reach for the Arnica. Not only is this brilliant to reduce bruising, and rather relaxing in a bath - it helps reduce under eye circles. If you wake up and sometimes find yourself with some panda rings, try dabbing on some arnica gel. This will reduce the puffiness and reduce the appearance of those dark circles.

  1. Get an Aloe Vera plant. IKEA quite often has some gorgeous Aloe plants in, and you can indeed snap the thick leaves off and use the Aloe directly from the plant. What is it good for? It is soothing, great for cuts and bruises, sunburn, dry skin patches, and even eczema or acne.

  1. For teeth that need whitening, you can try oil pulling. This involves swishing oil (coconut oil excellent) around your mouth for a few minutes each morning. It helps remove bacteria and reduce inflammation. Although it’s fairly tricky to get rid of yellow teeth, so you might prefer to book an appointment at Bright & White Dental Spa instead.

  1. Zap those pimples. While it might be tempting to reach for some chemically rich creams and lotions, skip it all and pick up some natural tea tree oil instead. The anti-inflammatory properties coupled with the antibacterial powers make this a must-have. Before you try and slather your face in this, the oil is pretty strong and should be diluted. Around a 5% dilution will be perfect to help minimise redness and zap spots. 5 drops of tea tree oil per 1 teaspoon of carrier oil, like sweet almond or coconut oil. This can be applied multiple times per day too!

  1. If you have had a few late nights, or a bit of a traumatic few days and are currently suffering from puffy eyes, then this one is for you. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, and rather than throw the tea bag away, pop it in the fridge to chill for a short while (you’re going to need two). After the tea bag is chilled, place a tea bag over each eye for around ten minutes. You can use green, camomile or black tea for this. The tannin in the tea is a bit of a miracle worker.

Ellie Dickinson