The Orange-Red Lipstick Wardrobe + Swatches

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There's something about orange toned red lipsticks that screams Summer. And when paired with soft, glowy skin - it's a match made in heaven. My lipstick collection literally revolves around matte nudes and orange toned reds and with the skies brightening up, it's time to pull out the summer makeup faves.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy in "Restless" is probably one of my favourite matte lipsticks in the form of a bullet. It's a beautiful vibrant orange and applies smoothly and without fuss. It's probably one of my favourites for a day where I'm not eating as due to it being a bullet, it's not lasting enough to survive food (especially with my crazy messy eating...). But it's beautiful. I've worn this so much when I'm in Brunei as when paired with oversized aviators, it looks effortlessly cool.

I'm not going to lie, Estee Edit Mattified in "Killin It"is an almost identical colour to Restless so if you're looking to buy an orange lipstick in bullet form, you definitely don't need both. However, the formula is definitely not identical. Whilst both matte in finish, the Estee Edit version is definitely far more slippy and subsequently less drying. It is beautiful but it verges on a cream finish and rubs off far more easily which means it's not a good idea if you're eating and drinking. I wore this to an event not too long ago and it ended up half way down my chin after eating a burger but as long as you have the bullet, a reapplication is easy as anything.

Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick in Anna Nicole was my first orange red lipstick and it was genuinely by accident that I bought it but it just worked. The lasting power on these liquid lipsticks is absolutely incredible and by far one of my favourite formulas as they're so long lasting yet not too drying. The doe foot applicator makes application easy and the formula is creamy and dries quickly. It's a really vibrant shade and is ideal for that summer BBQ.

I know that ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks have mixed reviews as many find it so drying and I must admit - it is drying. But I love the shade Lovebug so much that I've found a way around it by applying lipstick before application. The formula for a liquid lipstick is surprisingly liquid and takes a while to dry which makes it a bit of a pain if you're in a rush but I love it. However, whilst it does last, any reapplications make the texture go a bit funky which can make it a bit annoying. But if you're only going to a party or out for the evening, it'll do a treat.

And finally, the only glossy non-matte option is the Clinique Chubby Plump and Shine in 02 Super Scarlet* which despite the label saying 'scarlet', it has a far more blue tone than purple. This is definitely more sheer than the others in this post but I really love how it plumps my lips. I've not tried many chubby sticks but this is definitely my favourite as it doesn't feel sticky or get stuck in my hair or even smear across my cheeks.... And the shape of the applicator makes application unbelievably quick and easy.

So there you have it, my favourite orange-red lipsticks. What are your go to summer colours? Have you tried any of these?