Pennsylvania Isn't The Flyover State You Think; Here's Why

If you were to list ten states across America you wanted to visit, we’d bet Pennsylvania wouldn’t make the cut. Here’s why that certainly should change


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The Other Grand Canyon

We bet you didn’t know there was another Grand Canyon, but there is and it’s right in a state you’d never thought of visiting before. In fact, it stretches across 47 miles and looks rather magnificent from key vantage points. We suggest that you head to Leonard Harrison State Park for the ultimate view of this awesome natural landscape. The best part is that this attraction is completely free. All you need is a car to experience it for yourself. 

Awesome Places To Stay

There are countless fantastic places to stay around the state. You might be visiting Harrisburg. If that’s the case you’ll be pleased to know that there is a hotel near Harrisburg Airport with shuttle service for easy transportation. You’ll also get wifi, a grand bed and a delicious breakfast. If you want to spend a little more, there are spa retreats around the state too and themed hotels. You’re going to love discovering these for yourself and making sure that you find the ultimate place to set up home while you explore. 



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Forget Disney World, any theme park based around chocolate is always going to be best. This is a must visit for chocolate lovers. The theme park was opened for employees of the company and their families years ago. Today it has become a massive attraction expanding several times. You’ll find pools and deluxe hotels onsite as well as countless rides. It’s become rather iconic and you can spend a few days here without getting bored. If you want to make sure that you get the most out of this park do consider staying onsite. It does get quite popular through the summer and that way you’ll be first on the rides. 

Penn’s Cave

If you love exploring the wild wilderness, this is definitely a great option. You’ll be able to head deep under the earth on a fifty-minute boat ride. There’s also on occasion the chance for swimming in some parts too. It’s a public cave and a guided tour is recommended for the best possible experience. 

Awesome Buffet


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There are plenty of great places to dine in Pennsylvania. You should discover some of the state’s best kept secrets yourself. But no visit is complete without heading to Shady Maple Smorgasbord. This place features a 200-foot smorgasbord for you to sample and has a great, grand dining room as well as a gift shop. 

Arguably the greatest attraction here is the deserts. They come in large sizes and you can eat as many as you like! It’s probably best either counting this as a cheat day or skipping the diet completely on this particular vacation for this reason alone. Prices are also very friendly particularly when you take into account it is all you can eat. 

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