Photo Proof Beauty Edit

Picture this. Your makeup looks flawless, you whip out your phone to take an A+ selfie and then, the lighting's wrong or your foundation looks patchy. But have no fear, I've got an edit of products to help make sure you can tag #nofilter without an ounce of guilt (and avoid those dreadful club flashback pictures...)

If you're a bit of a night owl and flash is your best friend (whatever floats your boat, eh), the first thing to look out for is SPF in products - even in powders as this is what creates that dreadful white cast across your face. By using a foundation like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, it means your face will actually look normal in any pictures that get taken. If I want an even more luminous finish, I apply my fave Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance which is a gold toned primer and it makes your makeup soft and gorgeous. But if you're not about the flash life, look for foundations that perfect your skin. I've been loving the Urban Decay One and Done Foundation which just smooths over any perfections and avoids my skin losing all dimension. It also feels lightweight on the skin and is ideal for an everyday base.

To really enhance your skin base, the Hylamide Photography Foundation has become a firm favourite. I mix this with my foundation and it adds the slightest bit of luminosity but it's in the pictures where it really makes the difference. Your skin just looks perfect and it's almost as if you're not wearing makeup - but you look good. It's a dream.

I'm all about a good highlight but somehow in photos, highlight always intensifies so it's good to be a bit gentle with the fan brush. I'm currently in love with the Hourglass Brilliant Strobe Powder which is the perfect blend of highlight and natural glow. It looks so natural on the skin that it's almost undetectable. Almost.

What are your go to photo beauty essentials? Do you think about these things?


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