Current Podcast Playlist

I manage to bring up podcasts at least once per conversation. Because it takes me over an hour on the bus to get to university, I'm a huge advocate of getting my brain whirring by popping on a podcast or two. And I love them. 

Not only is there something soothing about listening to conversation but it's also been really beneficial to my mental state to be forced to either learn or think outside of the box. And there is really a podcast for everyone. So here's what I'm currently listening to.

No Such Thing As A Fish

Made by the guys who make QI, this is a short 30minute-ish podcast that is fact based. But it's hilarious. It's really geeky to a degree but some of the facts are so wacky and hilarious that it sparks great conversation that ends up being really entertaining. This is probably the easiest podcast to listen to because you're not forced to concentrate too hard, it's very much gentle listening but will have you shaking with laughter.

The Minimalists

I adore this podcast. These are great because they're often longer than an hour which is a great source of entertainment. The Minimalists are the guys behind Minimalism on Netflix and they're just as lovely on podcast as they come across on the film. Each podcast has a different topic eg. Debt, Travel, Kids, Health - so you can really be specific with what you want to listen to which means you don't waste two hours on a podcast about kids - especially when you're 22 and still in Uni... This specific podcast has honestly helped to really screw my head back on straight, especially with regard to budgeting and things like that. 

Under The Skin with Russell Brand

This podcast is probably the most intellectually engaging because regardless of your opinion of Russell Brand, he gets on brilliant guests who are more than often professors or academic specialists in the relevant field. Each podcast is incredibly contextually relevant and focuses on issues associated with migration, Brexit, the current UK political climate, and more. Each episode is over an hour but the kind of thing you need to pay attention to (but they're interesting so it's worth it).

News Roast

This has just finished it's first season and it's brilliant. Each episode consists of a metaphorical starter, main and dessert where the guest brings a different topic of conversation for each. The guests have ranged from comedians to journalists to Lily Allen and they're all so good. They're very liberal but have a really in depth look at relevant issues so are subsequently engaging. It's hosted by the guys behind the Revolution Will Be Televised so it has a similar vibe. 

And there you have it. My current four favourites. I tend to have about ten podcasts on the go at each time but these are definitely current favourites.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are some of your favourites?

***You can access all of these through your Podcast app on your Apple device but they're also available on AudioBoom.