To Make Your Makeup Last (On the Cheap)

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It's no secret that primers make your makeup last longer on your face but it's also no secret that often the best ones cause my bank balance to shudder at the thought. And believe me, I've tried almost all of the ones on the high street which tend to either feel like you're applying plastic or are little more than a lotion.

But I'm here to help.

If you're as much of a fan of American serious beauty youtubers, then this will be no surprise but I've been obsessed with the Nivea Post Shave BalmNow this might seem an odd choice but the long and short of it is that Nikki Tutorials had forgotten her primer when she was staying over at her boyfriend's house, and noticed that his aftershave contained glycerin which is the main ingredient in primers (well, primers that work). But to cut a long story short, it's just come to the UK so I've been trialling it for about a month now.

uk beauty blog manchester beauty blog

It's brilliant. It's a bit odd as it smells like man and doesn't look like a primer but once you really rub it into your skin till it feels tacky, it works like a charm and has really been making a difference in making my makeup last. Definitely worth the cheap as chips price tag.

Setting sprays have been a fairly new addition in my routine but as they're normally quite expensive, they aren't something I've been searching for but I spotted this... You may remember that I picked up the U.S version of the L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist but it's just hit the UK in different packaging and a different formula so I had to try. You really have to shake it up (or risk ending up with white powder over your face) but it works a charm. Top tip for oily skinned gals is that you might want to put on a bit more powder than usual as it does give a slight glow to the skin. Slight enough that it doesn't really show too much but if you are seriously oily, go for the powder.

What are some of your fave primers? Have you tried these?