How To Remind Yourself This World Isn't So Bad

Politics. Injustices. Difficulties. Sadness. Personal issues. All of this can culminate in a rather sour perspective. Sometimes, it can translate to a distinct sense of sadness and compression, which can lead to much more worrying mental states. This can be a very sad state of affairs, and everyone must find a way to absorb and deal with things in their own way.

However, despite that very deflating first paragraph, this world isn’t so bad. Sometimes, you need to remind yourself of that. But it’s often not something you can simply say to yourself. To fully shake your cobwebs off, sometimes you need to take a much more proactive approach. This approach might help you better understand the source of your worry, and help you gain a better, outside, inspirational perspective. If you manage to do that, you might find yourself feeling much more comfortable, able and optimistic over time. We would like to help you find that in yourself. Of course, none of this advice should take precedence over visiting a mental health professional if you are in trouble, so be sure to focus on that.

However, if you’re just in need of a little pick me up? You can do so:

Do Something Inspiring

Inspiration is not just something we find in an Instagram quote, or by repeating affirmations to yourself. It’s a real, physical feeling, that can often translate to a renewed passion and direction in life. Sometimes, simply being in awe can help you step outside yourself and see the bigger picture, helping you and your problems feel much less involved than they might have already. If you can understand this feeling, or have felt it before, they you might realise how feeling it again can be the jolt you might need to shake off your cobwebs.

For example, finding out ‘where can you see the Northern Lights?’ or perhaps heading to the Grand Canyon, or taking a trip in your local historical park, or perhaps heading to the big city and seeing the awe of man’s creation, you can see just how much creative energy, inspiration, pride and natural awe can culminate to help shake our souls to the very roots. Do something inspiring, travel, and most of all, share that experience with someone you care about. This kind of effort can help you feel your best and potentially give you the tools to overcome the pessimism you might otherwise find yourself falling into.

Read More

Reading is good for your soul, but more than that, it’s good to help you both escape from and learn more about the world you occupy. A cursory reading of history will reveal that the world has never been settled as you might long for it to be now, but figures of admiration have risen and managed to better themselves throughout all that chaos. On top of this, learning the perspective of those who have lived before you, or perhaps the ideals and attitudes of those you respect today, could direct you to further action and to feel a little less blown by the winds of change in your current life.

This might seem like a very tertiary experience, but we can promise that the more you encounter it, the more you will appreciate it. Of course, targeted reading in an area you might have otherwise been encountering your negative feelings can help you gain more context, and become more equipped to discuss or even think about said topic. For example, reading the western canon of philosophy might help you engage in debates much more clearly, and become much more firmly entrenched in what you believe while also subjecting important ideals and beliefs to the flexibility of rational discourse.

Do Something Fun

Sometimes, we need to get out of our minds. Doing something fun, physically, can help you centre your attention and help you express some of this stifled mental chaos. It might be that exercising can help you get out of this, or playing a sport, or heading to a waterpark, or riding a bicycle, or going backpacking. What matters is you engage your physicality, your primal understanding of your being.

Sometimes, getting out of this headspace can help you think a little out of your usual parameters, and when you are in this space, perhaps you may think that the outside world isn’t so bad at all.

With these tips, we hope you find your way to optimism renewed.

Ellie Dickinson