5 Ways to Style Your Hair this Summer

In my everyday life, my hair is rarely styled. I brush it and am out the door. But in the summer, I really struggle as I often find myself getting way too hot - and there is absolutely nothing pleasant about your hair sticking to your face or the back of your neck. And as someone with hair that has a tendency to go frizzy in heat and humidity, I'm constantly looking for easy ways to style my hair and still look cute! For reference, I have hair that is fairly thick and just longer than my shoulders. 

@jacimariesmith on Instagram

@jacimariesmith on Instagram

@jacimariesmith on Instagram

@jacimariesmith on Instagram

Headscarf + Messy Bun.

You know those Instagram girls with the perfect messy buns and a headscarf? I'm so into that look! I think a headscarf is a perfect accessory to keep most of your hair back and adds something a little different to a messy bun! If you are having FUE treatment, this is a great way to hide any new growth whilst still looking cute. These are pretty cheap to buy and are readily available online and on the high street!

Headscarfs also look amazing tied around a ponytail or with your hair loose. If you're wearing your hair loose, try and add a few waves and salt spray for a seriously beachy look!

@ohmygeeee on Instagram

@ohmygeeee on Instagram


If you're going to a festival, spacebuns are essential. They're so fun and keep your hair up completely! I love spacebuns with glitter in the parting - great for festivals or going out! These can be varied in style from a twisted bun to a slightly more messy look. They look fab on pretty much everyone and are perfect for days when your hair could really do with a wash.


Half-up plait.

I really love the look of hairstyles where half of your hair is done, and the other half is loose. I think it looks really bohemian and just lovely - perfect if you have long hair! You see hairstyles like these all over Pinterest and Instagram and they're really easy to do! Just separate half your hair, plait it and then pull some of the hair out of the plait! If you're really after that boho look, curl some of the remaining hair for a subtle wave.

This is really great if you have quite thick hair, but if you don't, give your hair a good spray of dry shampoo or volumising powder to give it a bit of oompf!



Twisted pull back.


This is definitely one of my summer go to's, especially if I want my hair off my face. It's possibly one of the easiest ways to style your hair as all it requires is to twist two bits of hair close to your face and secure them with bobby pins at the back. Try to leave the twist quite loose or the hair doesn't sit right!

It's a really simple way of having your hair styled without needing to faff around too much!



A messy ponytail.

Ponytails are always going to be a staple summer hairstyle. They're quick, easy and most importantly, pull your hair off your neck! I love accessorizing these with a scrunchie or a headscarf. For a modern and bohemian look, try curling the hair and keeping the ponytail low - pulling out a few pieces of hair by the front of your face. It's a very chic way of looking like you have your life put together.


So these are my 5 favourite ways to style my hair in summer. What are some of yours? Have I missed anything crucial?

Ellie Dickinson